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The Top 5 Financial Benefits of Workplace Health and Safety

Workplace health and safety isn’t just about abiding by the law. It can have huge financial benefits too, making it an investment for you and your business. Hiring a workplace health and safety expert, such as a safety consultant, will also take all of the stress out of making sure that you are not only compliant with workplace health and safety laws but are keeping your employees safe and happy. This will in turn bring substantial increase to your profit margins. Want to know more of the financial benefits of workplace health and safety? Here are five:

1.  Increased quality and productivity

If a person knows how to do something well, they do it better. Similarly, if they can do it easily, they can do it quicker. From staff training, to the positive working culture and boosted morale that workplace health and safety brings, there are a number of ways workplace health and safety increases quality and productivity and safety consultants are experts in exactly how to do it.


2.  Reduced cost and loss in the business

Imagine this, you own a warehouse that requires an employee to lift and carry boxes a couple of feet. After a few weeks they start taking time off with a bad back. Then somebody else gets a bad back. This means time off work, finding cover, let alone potential costly prosecutions down the line. Losses can be hidden in any corner of a business and it is a safety consultants job to seek them out and eliminate them. From having inefficient systems to poor training, from ineffective policies to a poor layout, a safety consultant leaves no stone unturned.

3.  Enhanced workplace conditions

We all like to go to work in an environment that we enjoy being in. Not only the physical environment, but the customs, practices and culture of a business impact how we feel when we work. You don’t have to be like Google HQ, with chill zones and yoga classes. Even simple workspace adjustments can have a huge effect on workplace conditions. By taking the time to invest in workplace health and safety you will create safer and more comfortable work conditions for your staff.


4.  Increased employee morale and retention

People who like work, not only feel better, but they are also less likely to take time off and are more likely stay employed with you for longer. They will like you. If they like you, they will talk positively about you. They become what is called an advocate. Basically, the best kind of word of mouth for your business. They tell all of their friends and family what an awesome company you are to work for, simply because you’re taking care of them. Google not only made their employees happy and created huge employee advocacy, they also hit the headlines in the quirky and unusual way they did it. You don’t need to be Google, but even small adjustments to show your employees that you care can have a big impact.

5.  Increased client satisfaction and repeat business

Caring for your employees sends out a positive message to everyone you do business with. You’re invested in them which in turn improves productivity, recruitment, retention and importantly, your reputation as a good business to work for and do business with.

A safety consultant will achieve results and increase your profit margins. You’ll quickly see a return on your investment, not only straight away but for years to come.


Barclay Safety Solutions

Are you looking for assistance with safety in your workplace? Here at Barclay Safety Solutions we focus on providing world class safety solutions. We believe every business has the right to access the best information and services so they can genuinely care for their peoples safety, well-being and proactively work towards predicting incidents and ultimately prevent fatalities.

We strive to partner with organisations in achieving safe and profitable businesses.

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